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    # Vertical Action / Goal
    0 Core modules Core Modules to support exam
    1. Manage Staff
    2. Manage Class
    3. Manage Students
    4. News / Notice
    5. Broadcast message
    6. Message
    1 Questions Create / Import/ Manage Questions
    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Multiple Selection
    3. Fill in the blanks
    4. True/ False
    5. Short
    6. Descriptive
    2 Exams Create & Manage Exams
    1. Online Tests
    2. Practice Tests
    3. Revision Tests
    4. Manage Exams list with filters
    3 Exam TimeTable / Schedules Get Exam timetable for managment & Student
    4 Student will take exam Student -
    1. Take Practice / Revision Exams
    2. Take Test Exams
    3. Review Exam result
    4. Get exam TimeTable / Schedules 5. Find Attempted / Un-Attempted exams 6. Find Today's Exam
    5 Live Monitor Exam Review Live exams and find out list of
    1. Participating Students
    2. Not Participating Students
    6 Retake Exam Retake exams of stduents in case if they missed it.
    7 Exams Result analysis By staff 1. List of participated and NOT participated students
    2. Pass / Fail counts and student list
    3. Marks obtained Filtered data of students
    3. Right / wrong answers count
    4. Result analysis for each student
    5. Assign Marks for Descriptive Question
    6. Exam question answer corrections
    8 Declare Exam Management can declare exam result to students
    9 Message stduents Message details of exam to stduents
    10 Export marks Export marks to your academic tests with a single click and save more than 50+ hours of your staff
    11 Customer Support 1. We provide support to teachers to manage exams
    2. We provide support to students in taking exams
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    4. Assistance from Scientific study at the time of exam- Helpdesk will be provided

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